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'THE BISWAS EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION' a registered Public Charitable Trust since 2008, Vide Regn. No. 2401 of 28.04.2008 under Trust Act 1956.
We are an Organization dedicated to the welfare of the deprived, destitute, orphans or single-parent children belonging to the under-privileged section of the society. The Biswas Educational Foundation is a non-religious, non-political, non-profitable volunteer driven registered Public Charitable Trust with 80G / 12AA & FCRA registration along with Children Institute License from the Govt. of West Bengal. Registered with NGO Partnership System under Planning Commission of Govt. of India (WB/2015/0086239).

Hereafter, for better & appropriate execution towards the said noble cause, a Four member Trustee Board has been formed, as below:
1. Mrs. Nilima Biswas - Managing Trustee.
2. Mrs. Gita Dev Biswas - Trustee.
3. Mr. Debasish Biswas - Trustee.
4. Mr. Tarun Bagchi - Trustee.

The Trustee Board is on it’s first initiative to give a real shape to the Dream of our visionary Dr. N. Biswas.
In 2008, chief functionary of the U.K Trust, Dr N Biswas shared a vision statement where many strategic planning processes were recommended relating to orphanage home, English medium school for the underprivileged section of the society and the medical support to the underprivileged section of the society. Same objective is mentioned in our Indian Trust Deed also.

The Biswas Educational Foundation (TBEF) was established with the primary objective of delivering affordable and quality education to children belonging to the economically weaker section of the society in and around the locality.
A school in the name of South Calcutta Public School (SCPS) is a unit of The Biswas Educational Foundation for the said purpose which was started in the year 2016 with children of local agricultural farmers, daily wagers belonging to the economically weaker section of the society. The children of our orphanage also study in this school.
South Calcutta Public School (SCPS) is the first green school building in Prasadpur village which is 20 km from main city Kolkata. This "green concept" is introduced by our visionary Dr. N Biswas (Trustee of the Biswas foundation UK trust).

The school charges minimal fees in comparison to any English medium school to meet establishment expenses and the surplus goes to meet the expenses of the destitute home with a shared boundary.

At present there are 236 students enrolled in the school including 30 children at the destitute home.

The school is coming up in a locality where the medium of instruction in most of the schools is Bengali (a regional language) as a result of which, when the children approach higher studies that is taught in English, they find it extremely difficult and can hardly compete with students from urban areas and loose out on job opportunities as well.

Keeping in view the number of orphans in future and to give chance of education to many other children belonging to the poor section of the society, the work of extension of our school building is going on with the financial assistance of the Leeds UK Foundation.  Now the school is running with classes from Nursery to 7 th standard.
At present there are 236 students enrolled in the school including 30 orphans (Out of 44 orphan children) fostered by the foundation. These 30 orphan children of the foundation get free education from the school.

Once the construction of the school (yet unfinished) is fully complete it can be easily upgraded upto 10th standard and subsequently to 12th standard in future.  
Presently the school is running temporarily in Shanti Bhavan. Hopefully we’ll be shifting our school at the proposed new building next year, 2020.The school is built on an area 8.5 acre of land. We are working on its expansion programme. The school campus is presently under construction and thus will be into its full shape of 80000 sq.ft within few years.

The video in our website which describes our activity was shot in the year 2017.


Dr. Nalinaksha Biswas a former academic who earned his Doctoral Degree (PhD.) in Environmental Control, Heat & Mass transfer in deep underground galleries from Nottingham University- England, was a Senior Lecturer in Building Science at Leeds Metropolitan University for many years, before taking early retirement.

Dr. Biswas was born in 1938 in Sylhet in India, now in Bangladesh, migrated to Calcutta with his family. He remembers well the crises of the displaced people after partition in 1947, in particular the suffering endured by the children in need. Since then, it has been his strong desire to help the needy children, in particular the orphans. In the vision statement he wrote in 2008, he outlines his plans to establish a school to educate and raise 450 needy orphan children. In the vision statement written more recently in 2013 he sets up his plans how the foundation will develop in the next five years.

Today, Dr. Nalinaksha Biswas at the age of 75 years, although he lives in England but his willingness for serving the orphans make him the Strongest Executor for the noble cause within his financial capability, by giving a shape of reality to his Golden Vision from a distance of 8000 Kms. away at Prasadpur Village near Sonarpur, just 20 Km. from Kolkata.

Visionary's Message

  • Caring for the Deprived & Needy Destitute orphans.
  • To empower the underprivileged orphans or single-parent children attain their right to education, health and opportunity to explore, which he or she deserves.
  • To bring up these children in an atmosphere of love and equality irrespective of any prejudices based on gender, language, caste, creed or religion.
  • To provide them free food, free clothes, free accommodation, free education, free medical & utmost care, love & affection through House Mothers & Care Givers who should always be delivering them in a family atmosphere.
  • To give these children a state of art opportunity in learning, living & enjoying life with full confidence as the other children, who belong to the common stream or privileged section of the society by constructing Mother Houses for their initial residing & a Boarding Senior Secondary School under the strict monitoring of usage of nature friendly consumables & technology, maintaining GREEN concept.

Mission Statement

At TBEF we believe that to provide meaningful assistance to the destitute orphans & the child in distress is the first & foremost deed towards establishing Happy & Strong social environment.

We need to understand and address the factors that make the destitute orphans vulnerable of undesirable exploitations. Our work will be organised with these factors in mind, that we can establish a seed of love, care & sharing attitudinal traits making the children feel confident of their regular activities, happily enjoying life facing challenges coming across for education, health, culture & extracurricular activities, being in a strongly knit family environment.

This would enable them to be empowered to affect positive, long-term change in their day-to-day lives as well as while they march ahead in the outside world. We think that transparency is essential and that our actions should be easily replicable by others.

With this goal in mind, we will always share information on our systems, technology, deployment strategies and general lessons learned. Not only we will make our achievements public, but our mistakes as well with hopes that other organizations & individuals join us in a big way & can learn with us along the way, to speedup the positive steps for the noble cause.

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The Biswas Educational Foundation

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